Alexander Stretik

冬至 - Tōji / Haiku, Haiga, Senryuu, Tanka and other poetry

Year of publication: 2020

“Tōji”, published in late summer 2020, is the first volume of poetry by Alexander Strestik and is now accompanied by “Kirisame” (spring 2021). Both volumes of poetry have been published in hardcover and paperback.

Tōji - Hardcover Edition ISBN-13: 9783751933711
Tōji - Paperback Edition ISBN-13: 9783751980562


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- = What's inside = -
Over 100 haiku and senryuu, a handful in French. & English translated, 12 full-page, partly colored Haiga, Tanka and other poems, as hardcover or paperback.

- = blurb = -
Toji (冬至)
Winter solstice

In the longest night, when the circle of the sun closes once more, a new circle is born, which Father Time and Mother Nature walk through together. In the four quarters, 52 small moments and thoughts are recorded in the form of haiku.

Loosely in the form of the Japanese haiku poetry in 5-7-5 syllables and partly covered with pictures, these seasonal three-line lines are supplemented with short poems in the style of the haiku or senryu poetry that are not linked to the seasons. These in turn cover a broad spectrum of topics, roughly sorted.

The collection closes with translations, with tanka and a handful of unordered poems.

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