Alexander Stretik

霧 雨 - Kirisame / Haiku, Haiga, Senryuu, Tanka, and other lyrics

Year of publication: 2021

“Kirisame”, published in spring 2020, is the second volume of poetry by Alexander Strestik and was followed by “Tōji” (2020). Both volumes of poetry have been published in hardcover and paperback.

Kirisame - Hardcover Edition ISBN-13: 9783752667257

Kirisame - Paperback Edition ISBN-13: 9783752648096


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- = What's inside = -
Over 100 haiku and senryuu, a handful in French. & English translated, 15 full-page, partly colored Haiga, Tanka and other poems, as hardcover or paperback.

- = blurb = -
Kirisame (霧 雨)
From the cold, eternal drizzle, which is soaking through everything, escape again and again, here and there small moments, rays of light, impressions or insights that can be solidified in images and thoughts, only to be captured in haiku, haiga, senryu and similar poems. This time the journey leads out of the rain into the gardens, through the jungle of the big cities, past mirrors to further thematically compiled short poetry cycles.

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