Georges Hartmann, bon say publisher

Almkuh - traditional haiku without seasonality

Year of publication: 2016

2016 in bon-say-Verlag, handcrafted miniature book, Din A6 portrait, 20 pages, with bookmarks, 4 €, available via email to


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48 Haiku - traditional, but unrelated to the season - and humorous at the same time: typically Georges Hartmann!


Review by Rüdiger Jung

A few words are enough for Georges Hartmann to evoke basic human situations. There is a simple and poignant love poem:

The morning sun
glowing red in the sky.
Wake up with you.

A moment in the life of a child that can hardly be overestimated in importance:

The little one in the sandpit
speaks clearly
his first no.

The haunting empathy for a behind bars:

Street noise breaks
at the barred window.
Another ten years.

Finally, the encounter with death, which questions life and intensifies it to the extreme:

Do you remember ... back then?
The silence over the grave
kidnapped me from the world.

Georges Hartmann - and that alone assures him of my unlimited sympathy! - is someone to whom a tree means more than his own car:

Two dents in the sheet!
Hopefully you won't fall
Chestnut tree.

For a tree life
grown in the sky.
Now just plywood.

With the animals, too, it seems to me that he does not only have them, or primarily “likes to eat them”:

Fifteen fattened geese
hanging in the butcher shop
including Elsa.

The first name “Elsa” has a healing, irritating and disturbing effect. Names are not just smoke and mirrors, they establish a (not necessarily only inter-human!) Relationship. I remember a television thriller where a rabbit breeder gave a name to an animal that he knew he would never slaughter.

With the last of his haiku, Georges Hartmann goes one step further: not only plants and animals have rights, things have rights that people do not take away and break with them:

In the attic
you cheat the rocking horse
about children's laughter.


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