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Year of publication: 2021

The artist, born in 1948, is a native of Berlin.
After studying physics and mathematics, he taught for more than 45 years in all types of schools, including universities and sailing schools. Far more than half of this time he also held management positions. He acquired a wide range of experience in imparting knowledge and skills and in dealing with people. He enriches his retirement with a variety of activities in his areas of interest, which
especially in the field of photography, painting, languages, travel, sailing, calligraphy and haikus.


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Dealing with the numerous shark moments that touch us every day is already the central aspect in capturing those moments poetically. It requires contemplation and mindfulness - “a heartfelt perception and recognition of the moment”.

In “Moments That Don't Fade”, Wolfgang Gründer provides an insight into his shark writing practice, which offers an expanded perspective, particularly through his passion for photography.

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