Jan Ulenbrook (ed.)

The book of classic haiku

Year of publication: 2018

Hardcover, 9,6 x 15,2 cm, 319 pages
Reclam 2018, ISBN 978-3-15-011175-8.

The book has at least 3 precursors: 2 at Reclam with 278 pages (Universal-Bibliothek 9400, 1995) and 280 pages (do, 2004). The earliest edition known to me is from 1979: Heyne Poetry No. 11. (Peter Rudolf)


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Selection, translation and epilogue by Jan Ulenbrook. Follow-up by Volker Probst.
There are four haiku on each side. Ordered according to the 5 seasons, starting with the New Year.


"To write Haiku, become a child three feet tall." So says Bashō, the old master of this form of poem. Because the goal of haiku poetry, to express the fleeting mood of a moment in the concise form of a three-liner, can only be achieved through the simplicity of the language and a mind that is completely devoted to the immediate sensory perception.
The anthology covers the subject areas spring - summer - autumn - winter (and New Year) according to the seasons. With Bashō, its predecessors, students and successors, it unites the most important poets in Japan and, with almost 1000 haiku, is the most extensive edition on the German book market. Jan Ulenbrook's translations retain the strict form to adequately reproduce these linguistic works of art. (Publisher Reclam)


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