Brigitte ten Brink & Gabriele Hartmann, bon say publisher

diffuse words - Tan-Renga

Year of publication: 2017

2017 in bon-say-Verlag, handcrafted miniature book, Din A6 landscape, 16 pages, in the greeting card, 4 €, available via email to


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12 Tan Renga


Rüdiger Jung writes:

At best, together we can fight off transience. The magic word is solidarity:

diffuse words
Your hands
Can be found

in mother's memories

(P. 8, GH / BtB)

“Diffuse words” stand for the dementia-related drying up of a successful verbal communication. What remains is the touch, the tenderness ("your hands / find each other") - without any power and possibility, unless that shared fainting. Daughter or son knows or believes to know where the "mother" is: in her "memories". In the absence of a viable language bridge, this can no longer be specified. Only one way leads daughter or son to the mother: allowing your own "sinking". A confession of powerlessness, certainly. More solidarity.


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