Bernadette Duncan (in: summer grass 124)


Whether it was the many miles we had covered the previous day or just the spicy mountain air - in any case we sleep like marmots and look out of the dewy tents in the mist rising from the river in the morning.

no more milk
in the village shop
just bowl and pan

Later, when we turned eastwards, we were greeted by a rapidly gaining sun and an elderly gentleman who was lifting various devices out of his vehicle. We probably answered the greeting with prying eyes, because we will soon be able to enjoy various techniques of gold panning being explained. The art of indefinite and no-gesture gestures regarding 'his' place on the river is also remarkable. We say goodbye to the satisfaction of those who know the meaning and purpose of the tasks ahead and go our own way.

years later
on yellowed photos
our shine

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Year of publication: 2019

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