Volker Friebel

Sometimes dew - lyric and haiku

Year of publication: 2019

Volker Friebel (2019): Sometimes dew. Poetry and haiku. With black and white photos. Edition Blue Fields, Tübingen. Paper book: 156 pages, € 14,90, eBuch epub format: € 7,99.


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Depending on the temperature, air can absorb different amounts of water vapor. If the air temperature drops at night - a clear sky supports this cooling - the cooling air must release water vapor: the dew point has been reached. Water vapor now condenses on grasses and leaves. The temperature of the air is the lowest in the morning, which is why this condensation occurs primarily as morning dew. If the air temperature is low enough, the water vapor is not transformed into liquid water, but into ice - that's hoarfrost.

“Sometimes Tau” consists of a poetry collection, four poetry sequences and a selection from the songs of the trees. Haiku and black and white photographs stand between these parts.
“Poets in needy times” is one of the sequences. This was the working title of the book and its essence. Every time is the scanty time, is one of its results. And something can happen every day that suddenly changes heaven and earth, that causes something to tip over.


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