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New living - a kind of excessive shark bun from Vienna

New living - a kind of excessive shark bun from Vienna

After the move
look for the toilet door at night -
Ouch! other side!

Move - nothing new for me. Or maybe: it's the last time. If I leave this apartment behind, I don't have to take anything with me. Not even a handbag. For the time being it is not that far, first I will get used to it. "Seventh floor," explains the tin woman in the elevator. I can now drive up and down with my eyes closed, give up responsibility.

The speaking lift -
new partner for mine
Hearing aids

Instead of looking at billowing green, the sky is now playing its cloud dramas for me, imaginative, often grotesque, for example when the downpour is so sharply limited that I know that the sun is shining again on the left Wienzeile. The universe immediately loses terror.

move closer - until
to the windowsill

Or: Everything sinks, only individual chimneys and antennas protrude from the white brew - big city?

Out of the fog
flashing Stephan's tower
indicates the flight lane

Familiar buildings from a new point of view: one, in my memory worn out Biedermeier, dozing listlessly under a gray tin roof, another plays a defense tower and yet only has a lift structure to offer.

View out of the window
over the roof landscape
Church tower and flak tower

The moon rises diagonally behind my desk, the sun rises. That gives me morning free time: the screen reflects.

Flight to Warsaw
crosses the sky

A garbage truck pulls up deep in the alley. Now I finally know about the mechanics, which are as simple as they are sensible, and which enable the containers to be emptied according to type.

From the highest level
uncovered the secret
Waste glass collection

The 13 A purrs around the corner with a purr. Its snow-white roof testifies to the care taken by the Wiener Linien. I hear it with pleasure: Now I can close my window.

At five in the morning
woken from 13 A -
the city works!

The bus has a long journey ahead of it: past the future of the Pilgramgasse construction site, the chimeras in the Haus des Meeres, the contemporary Abbreviation for the FuZo Mahü back in my past, still rushing under the asphalt of the Alserbach. *

13 A curves
Sleeping bags on the park bench

At night, a tabby cat roams down there, runs across the road, slips through the fence in front of our house. Quietly. People hurry along the sidewalk, purposefully even in the dark, their faces lit up by the displays.

Thundering through the night
in the reflection of the rectangle
bluish illuminated

So much new is piling up. Overgrown yesterday. But sometimes …

Autumn rain sunday
the window opened slightly
you know what?

* Pilgramgasse: The new underground line U5 is being built here, unfortunately: Now I have quite a way to the next station; Mariahilferstrasse pedestrian zone, enthusiastically accepted after years of violent arguments; sometimes after a thunderstorm the Alserbach comes through the manhole cover to see what is happening on the Alserstraße.

** The flak tower in the Esterhazypark was built in World War II as a gun turret (flak = anti-aircraft cannon). Today it houses the “House of the Sea”; The tower has been inscribed on the outer wall by the artist Lorenz Weiner since 1991, SMASHED TO PIECES (IN THE STILL OF THE NIGHT).

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Year of publication: 2019

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