Gregor Graf

nothing more - only three lines

Year of publication: 2018

Gregor Graf: nothing more, just three lines
Soft cover, 92 pages, 12x19cm, BoD Norderstedt 2018, ISBN 9-7837352-812961


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62 haiku, 12 haiku for New Year, 16 for spring, 16 for summer, 17 for autumn and 14 for winter, plus a haiku that follows the 5 chapters and the table of contents and concludes the book. The author introduces a haiku from Issa to his book.
The haiku are in strict brevity. Graf focuses closely on what is necessary. The texts gain in conciseness, in sharpness, in expression.
Recommended as a paradigm of an old work; also the comparison with the author's first book of haiku poems: “Haiku in the evening wind”.


Review by Peter Rudolf, DHG, published in SOMMERGRAS, No. 123, pp. 73-76.
The SG no. 123 is available online for download:


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