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Oh, you happy haiku time / Christmas with Rotkiefer Verlag

Year of publication: 2020

A lovingly designed haiku anthology on the range of topics “Christmas” by the poets Wolfgang Gründer, Evelin Schmidt, Stephanie Mattner, Carola Groch, Brigitte Weidner and Petra Klingl.


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Christmas and Advent are a contemplative time, a time to contemplate - just like haiku. With all our senses we grasp the cold wind, the wet snow, the lighted room, smell the scent of oranges and resin, taste vanilla and cinnamon, hear Christmas carols and the sound of bells. In the haiku we feel the moments and sense the spirit of the festive season between the verses. In this special booklet, the various haiku poets from the Berlin haiku group collect their impressions of Christmas.

The 34 haiku are complemented by festive graphics. Let yourself be enchanted and touched.

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