16 Tanka by Gabriele Hartmann

Webbed - Tanka

Year of publication: 2018

2018 in bon-say-Verlag, handmade miniature book with bookmarks, A6, 20 pages, 4 €

You can only order webbed feet directly from bon-say-verlag, not in bookshops


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16 Tanka by Gabriele Hartmann


Horst-Oliver Buchholz> / strong> writes:

Gabriele Hartmann presented sixteen Tanka in this little booklet, or should one better say: Sixteen stories are told here? Because this is what distinguishes the verses in a special way that they open up a wide space of experience and narration in the small language area of ​​the five lines, as is rarely found. The delicate balance of the present, concrete and more general experience and insight is extremely finely balanced here, as in a harmonious whole and yet exciting in this harmony. Would you like a voucher and example? Here it is:

with stiff legs
he stalks past the house
the love of youth
from its window sockets
wave curtains at him

An apparently old man "with stiff legs", already thin and ungainly, "stalks" past the house of his childhood sweetheart. He stalks past, he doesn't stop, there is no more stop (no hope?) For him. From window caves ("caves" mind you, not simply windows) no one waves at him anymore, only curtains, obviously moved by the wind or draft. The wind as a sign of the fleeting, of the passing away. Here everything is crowded together in a strong image, powerful and delicate at the same time - this creates poetry of high quality. This goodness is the connecting element of the sixteen tanka, an open bracket of the poems, each of which is deep, multifaceted and dazzling. The webbed skin ”by Gabriele Hartmann. they carry the reader far.

Horst-Oliver Buchholz


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