Horst-Oliver Buchholz & Gabriele Hartmann, bon-say-verlag

Sticky Fingers - Renhai… inspired by the Rolling Stones album of the same name

Year of publication: 2018

2018 in bon-say-Verlag, handcrafted miniature book, Din A6 portrait, 16 pages, with bookmarks, 4 €, available via email to info@bon-say.de


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10 Renhai

Horst-Oliver Buchholz and Gabriele Hartmann were inspired by Bob Dylan's album "Desire" to create a joint poetry in the style of the Renhai. The respective song title finds its place as the first line of the second verse. The first author writes both the first (three-line) verse and the second line of the second (two-line) verse. Then the second author writes the (three-line) final verse. A heading was deliberately avoided.


Review by Christof Blumentrath

The booklet 'Sticky Fingers' published by bon-say-Verlag is a little gem. Listed in the miniatures section, it contains 10 texts, written in the style of the Renhai. Gabriele Hartmann and Horst-Oliver Buchholz are inspired by the song titles of the Rolling Stones LP and throw the balls in an associative way. Not too closely oriented to the title and without any direct reference to the lyrics, they present us eight lines of remarkable depth, peppered with haiku of real haiku quality. The peculiar rhythm of the Renhai reminds me as a musician of the special charm of the 5/4 time and makes reading a great pleasure. The authors have succeeded in creating a very original little work with this really beautifully designed booklet. It is handmade, available at info@bon-say.de and I would like to recommend it to lovers of haiku and related poetry.


with a flickering look
she calls the appointment

Moonlight Mile
a drop of wax runs down

mindful our way
back - stones
get rolling



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