Brigitte Weidner

INK DRAWINGS SAME / Haiku booklet 01

Year of publication: 2021

The author, who was born and lives in Berlin, worked in various fields before retiring. As a member of several groups, she takes an active part in the literature scene. She is involved in the “Margal Legal Club”, the “Poeten vom Müggelsee”, the “Deutsche Haiku-Gesellschaft eV” and the “Creative Writing” group. Shark writing is one of her longstanding passions and at the same time a good exercise that trains both the gaze and the lyrical grasp of thoughts.


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The first of our series of haiku books. A contemporary haiku poet each presents a cross-section of his work.
The start is the Berlin haiku poet Brigitte Weidner, who has turned to writing sharks for years.
The 20 haiku are complemented by sumi-e graphics by the artist Elina Li.

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