Dagmar Westphal and Gabriele Hartmann, bon-say-Verlag

Regardless of the roadside - a spring cheese

Year of publication: 2017

Handmade, Japan binding, A5, 2017, 6 €, only available from the authors and from the bon-say-Verlag


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"Regardless of the way," Gabriele Hartmann and Dagmar Westphal, Spring Kasen,


Review Rüdiger Jung

In the early days of the German Haiku Society, cheese was not uncommon. Carl Heinz Kurz was the mentor of the genre in German-speaking countries, later Margret Buerschaper and Ingrid Gretenkort-Singert often directed. Dagmar Westphal has already crossed the blades of Kasen's poetry with various co-authors, including Georges Hartmann and the author of these lines. Together with Gabriele Hartmann, she now presents the spring chases "Irrespective at the wayside" in their bon-say publishing house. The co-authors correspond to a different typeface, the verses are not numbered, the subject-specific rules of the individual verses can be found in the closing legend: all decisions that make continuous reading considerably easier.

The third movement, part one, begins very atmospherically:

Colorful awnings -
the ice cream seller back
from Italy


old blind ... listen
the buzz of a Vespa


I quote individual verses by the two authors of great atmospheric density:

Autumn trumpets sound
for the source stone that dark tone

GH, overture

lying in the grass ... look how
the cloud cuckoo home is growing

DW, second sentence, second part

in pairs around the lake -
just look at the great crested grebe
take heart

DW, third sentence, first part

white azaleas
next to the blackboard ... her screeching
at the letter A

GH, Epilog

Contemporary history flows in:

shiny eyes
School leavers polishing
the stumbling blocks

GH, second movement, first part

Hailstorm shredded
Winter seeds tattered

Third movement, second part; one of Dagmar Westphal's two verses, which were revised for the second edition. I would like to close with one of the most impressive sequences, the beginning of the second movement, part one; an open meditation on what words can do:

Loses again
my longing for words
in the thick fog


there is something to carry me
and hold me when I fall -


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