Georges Hartmann, bon say publisher

Wish dreams - tanbun

Year of publication: 2018

2018 in bon-say-Verlag, handcrafted miniature book, Din A6 portrait, 20 pages, with bookmarks, 4 €, available via email to


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12 Tanbun - ultra-short text with haiku - emotional and humorous: typically Georges Hartmann!


Review Rüdiger Jung

Haibun were not yet a big topic in German-speaking countries, when Georges Hartmann had already combined short prose and haiku and served them with a pointed, sharp pen, including humor and an erotic tingling sensation. Nature specifies all the key issues:

Since thousands of years
beguiles the cricket combo
with the same song.

It provides the poet with his tools:

The evening sun
lies like silver on the lake.
But you are more beautiful!

In spite of all the shame, he has to be patient:

Where is she
The fragrant jasmine
shows first effect.

If melancholy doesn't prevail!

Lonely playboy.
Over your thinning hair
only the wind blows.

Without fleas: farewell, melancholy, abandonment, the witty author, who truly knows how to amuse, is no less convincing:

How cut off.
Behind the carnival procession
the laughter stops.

The little cardboard sign
in the window of the ice cream parlor
shimmers in the autumn light.

At the end of the season
played on the mini golf course
the wind all alone.

Do we have to fear for the author that in the end he will sink into melancholy?
Definitely not! Because he pulls out all the stops from a quiet smile to a loud laugh ... in an exciting and inspiring unit ...


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