Chrysanthemum 27

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The autumn edition, Chrysanthemum No. 28, the internet magazine for forms of modern poetry in the tradition of Japanese short poetry, is now online. In addition to haiku, senryû, tanka, haiga, photo haiku, tanka pictures, haibun and tanka prose, there are the following

Special contributions:

Eric Hoffmann: Five Haiku Ozaki Hōsais translated into English

Klaus-Dieter Wirth: The Haiku in Serbia
Beate Conrad: The White Album - A Review

The Jane Reichhold Memorial Haiga Competition
Haiga exhibition by Gerd Börner & Gesine Wenzel
ahaiga: a Haiga website edited by Ramona Linke & Helga Stania
Results of the second Haiku Today Haiku Award
The results of the International Pumpkin Haiku Contest
Bruce Ross: Autumn Moon Contest / Autumn Moon Haiku Contest
Bruce Ross: Contributions to the Autumn Moon Haiku Journal

Publications & short reviews:
Kwaku Feni Adow: Between Two Dates. Haiku & Senryû.
Vasile Moldovan: De-a-ndoaselea / Backwards. [Backward]. A Senryû collection.
Klaus-Dieter Wirth: The call of the Hototogisu. Basic building blocks of haiku. Part II.
Klaus-Dieter Wirth: Voices of Stones - Voix de pierres - Voces de piedras.

PDF download (2,3 MB) at:

Chrysanthemum appears around April 15 and October 15. The closing date for the spring edition is the end of February, for the autumn edition the end of August. Contributions can be submitted at any time.
Posts to Beate Conrad: haiku.chrysanthemum [@]

Please note the conditions of participation:

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