Chrysanthemum 29

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The spring gift, Chrysanthemum No. 29, the internet magazine for forms of modern poetry in the tradition of Japanese short poetry, is now online. In addition to haiku, senryû, tanka, haiga, photo haiku, tanka pictures, haibun and tanka prose, there are the following

Special contributions:

Klaus-Dieter Wirth: The French-speaking Haiku in Canada

The Bloo Outlier, a new haiku journal founded and edited by Alan Summers, England.
Fireflies Light, an online magazine published by John J. Han.
Autumn at the Heirin Temple in Japan, a video clip by Hitoshi Akagawa.
Music to enjoy, Concert recordings by pianist Sherry Grant from Auckland

Publications briefly reviewed:
David Eyre: the nothing that is. Haiku, Senryû & Short Poems. [The nothing that is.
Haiku, Senryû & short poems.]

William Scott Galasso: Legacy. 30 Years of Haiku. [Legacy: Thirty Years of Haiku.]

Gabriele Hartmann & Brigitte Ten Brink: Thanks for the dance / Thanks for the dance. 9
Double tanbun and 5 collages.

Nina Kovačić: Mrmor Valova. [The murmur of the waves. Haiku & Senryû.]

Mark Miller: Light and Counterlight. [Light and back light. A haiku collection.]

Ralph Günther Mohnnau: day by day time folding time [Time folds day by day.
99 haiku.]

Ralph Günther Mohnnau (Ed.): red red the sun. Japanese shark masters. Harp and

Zane Parks: Journey. [Travel. A collection of 56 Haibun.]

Taiki Haijin: Orange peel. Seventy-seven haiku.

Naomi Wakan: Wind on the Heath [Wind on the heather]. New and selected

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Chrysanthemum appears on April 15th and October 15th. The closing date for the spring edition is the end of February, for the autumn edition the end of August. Contributions can, however, be submitted at any time.
Posts to Beate Conrad: haiku.chrysanthemum [@]

Please note the conditions of participation:

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