Submissions are generally possible again. From February 1st to March 1st, authors can submit their contributions for the Spring 2023 issue. Please the changed conditions of participation and times note carefully.

I ask the authors who have submitted contributions over time and not withdrawn them to adapt them to the new conditions of participation or to send new contributions accordingly.

Terms and Conditions

Chrysanthemum published:
Haiku, Senryu & Tanka
no cherita,
no sequences or renku poetry.

We welcome all modern short poem configurations as well as traditional 5-7-5 poems.

Send maximum 4 poems mixed haiku, senryû, tanka or 4 poems from one or two of the specified categories. If you submit more than 4 poems during a reading period, we cannot consider your submission.

Haiku and Tanka Prose

Submit no more than 1 piece of prose. If you submit more than one during a reading period, we may use your Disregard submission.

visual art
Haiga, preferably handmade (e.g. brushes, drawings, mixed media, cut-outs, collage, digital drawings/paintings). Also minimalist art, asemic, post-asemic, vispo, photography.

Send overall no more than 2 works, if possible in portrait format with a good overall image quality (adequate pixel density (PPI)) and an edge length of at least 1200 and a maximum of 2000 pixels for the longer side of the image. The total image file size should not exceed 20 MB, file formats: png, jpg, webP. Smaller formats, but no thumbnails (up to 2MB per image) can be sent as file attachments for initial assessment. Larger files only with shared download link.
If you submit more than two works during a reading period, we cannot consider your submission.

In addition, we like to be surprised with unusually creative quality in the individual sections.

Submit your works of the various categories (short poems, prose, visual art) in a single email to:

Beate Conrad:

In subject : posts spring [and your name]
or posts fall [and your name]

Chrysanthemum does not accept previously published work. All works must be original.
Works that have gone through an editorial process (by someone other than the author himself) are considered published. Works published on social media or private blogs are not considered published.
No simultaneous submissions please. In that case, your entire submission will not be considered.

Submissions will only be accepted during reading time:

February 1st to March 1st for the spring edition

August 1st to September 1st for the fall edition

All authors will be informed of rejection or acceptance within 4 weeks after the submission deadline, i.e. around the end of March/end of September.

Chrysanthemum appears on April 15th and October 15th.



World Children's Haiku Competition of JAL 2023-2024

World Children's Haiku Competition 18 th C ontest World Children's 2023-2024 Organized by: Japan Airlines Foundation Regional competition: Germany Theme: Family Closing date: February 15, 2024 Award ceremony: will take place in


Chrysanthemum 31

The Autumn Gift, Chrysanthemum No. 31, the internet magazine for forms of modern poetry in the tradition of Japanese short poetry, is now online. In addition to Haikuesque short poems, Senryû, Tanka, Haiga, Photo-Haiku, Asemik and Haikuesque short prose


ahaiga Die neue Ausgabe von ahaiga ist seit dem 07.10.2023 online. Autoren/Autorinnen sind eingeladen fürs neue Quartal max. 3 Haiga einzureichen. Einsendungen bitte über die Homepage; keine Mail-Anhänge. Ich freue mich auf


The haiku calendar 2024 has been published

  Over 1.700 haiku have been submitted in the past few months and 53 of them now decorate the seasons for 53 weeks in the new haiku calendar 2024. A calendar that is being published by Rotkiefer-Verlag for the first time


Haiku workshop Wiesbaden

The 11th Wiesbaden Haiku workshop led by Klaus-Dieter Wirth will take place on Sunday, October 15, 2023, from 10 a.m. to 16 p.m. We meet in Hofstr. 2, 65191


Haiku Agenda 2024

Haiku Agenda 2024 With Haiku through the year 2024. This well-thought-out annual planner from the “Deutsche Haikugesellschaft eV” offers various calendars, an overview of holidays and public holidays, as well as plenty of space for your own notes. The


Summer grass 142

with many interesting articles about Haiku & Co has appeared. A small foretaste of the content of this issue as well as information about membership or subscription is available for (still) non-members


Haiku and Tanka Picks September 2023

A total of 200 haiku from 75 authors and 57 tanka from 24 authors were submitted for this selection. The closing date for entries was July 15, 2023. These texts were edited before the selection of

1 2 3 ... 18

Haiku and tanka selection

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