DHG anthology 2021

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The new anthology of the DHG has appeared!


The new publication of the German Haiku Society: “The sun ripe apples - An anthology: Tanka, Haiku and Haibun” has been matured for a long time and is now available. The anthology brings together almost 156 works by 500 authors on 90 pages. In terms of form and content, the texts span a wide range: from traditional to very personal, from emotions to current events. The book has included works from the past five years and can therefore be considered an inventory of current haiku poetry and related forms in German-speaking countries. Now available in bookshops.


"The sun ripe apples, an anthology: Tanka - Haiku - Haibun", 156 pages, BoD, Norderstedt 2021, ISBN 9 783754 30448

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