The forum

You are at the right place to communicate with other members. To make it work, we give you a few tips here. This is the overview at the beginning of the forum:



2. By clicking on »Haiku-Forum« you get to the Haiku-Forum. Here are the most important functions.

NOTE: It is important to stay up to date the subscription function to use. They will notify you of new haiku in the respective forum. Subscriptions can be terminated at any time by clicking on the same place. »Here you can call up all your own subscriptions.


3. And so you wear

  • a haiku (important to do the same, so that the complete haiku appears in the overview page of the haiku forum), 
  • can be notified of new replies,
  • and can upload up to three files.

NOTE: Entries can be edited and changed at any time.

You are welcome to ask questions in the general forum,
the answers then also help others.

And now you can start.



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