The magazine summer grass

SOMMERGRAS is the quarterly publication of the German Haiku Society. For more than three decades, the magazine has been a forum for haiku and related forms in German-speaking countries. SUMMERGRAS gives authors a voice. Technical articles and seals of various shapes appear in the magazine. The focus is on the haiku. Tanka, chain seals, Haiga and Haibun also appear.

The spectrum is expanded by theoretical texts on haiku and related forms, opinion contributions, book reviews and news from the world of haiku.

SOMMERGRAS looks beyond the German-speaking area. International contributions are also published in German, for example from France or the Anglo-American region.

SUMMERGRAS is not a booklet of the announcement. Rather, it is a place of encounter, discussion, exchange, a booklet of suggestions, also one of inspiration.

Members of the German Haiku Society receive SUMMER GRASS four times a year free of charge. A subscription for non-members can here. be completed. Single copies are available in bookshops.

is all that remained
of the warrior's dream

Matsuo Basho, 1644-1694


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