Technical article from the quarterly magazine of the German Haiku Society 1988-2015

Below you will find links to 122 articles in our club magazine on the subject of haiku and their related forms in PDF format. Clicking on the corresponding title link opens the PDF in the browser. To download the document with a Windows PC, right-click on the link and then select: »Save link as«. Proceed accordingly for other operating systems. The number of the corresponding link indicates the respective issue of the magazine since 1988. The full name of the author can be found in the article.

01-Thiem Possibilities, Problems and Limits in Transferring Japanese Haiku

28 thiem haiku beginnings and developments in Japan


34-Frank Haiku, Senryû or aphorism

34-Thiem-Differences between Haiku and Senryû

41-42-45-Roar-What is a shark bun

46-Hemstege-unpainted words-haiku and synaesthesie

53-roaring haiku poetry-a contemporary lyric

54-Berner-Some reflections on German haiku

56-Berner-The American Haiku

56-Ludwig Haiku in Haiku

59-Buerschaper-The word of the season in German haiku

59-Fitterer haiku epigram

60 Hemstege hail, herb and beet haiku and their role models in nature

61-Wittbrodt-The blue glow of the delphinium

62 May Moving Shadows

65-May pity the creature

66 Buerschaper Ingrid Grunsky. A portrait

66 Fitterer Haiku in Anger. Soseki - novelist and haiku poet

66 Fitter Haiku and Violence

66-Franke American Haiku. Elizabeth Searle Lamb

66-WenzelPeringer-Bashos anniversary of death. Research report

67-Biliarska-Bulgarian haiku between east and west

67-Fitterer-The disappearance of the swallow

67-Ludwig-Issa. Letter posts on Issa's year of birth and death

71-CobbWenzel-Haiku has to dance

71-Franke-American Haiku-George Swede

71 Wenceslas Loosened Hair. An unveiling

71-Wiedemann-Shiki and the Little Cuckoo Hototogisu

72-fitter everyday poetry and haiku

72 Fitterer stays. A shark by Georg Jappe

72-Franke American Haiku Michael McClintock

72 Franke business in Eden. A shark bun by David Cobb

73-Fitterer-How the dream comes to haiku

73-LanoueWienert-Haiku, an art of discovery

73-Verhart-The essence of haiku as Western Haijin see it

73-Wenceslaus-Mainichi Daily News. The best haiku 2005

74-Börner-The scent of darkness

74-Franke American Haiku

74 Shirane Basho Myths in East and West

75-Fitterer From the hinterland

75-ShiraneWenzel-In Basho's footsteps

75-Wienert-The Haikupoetin Sugita Hisajo

76-Wenceslaus-The worm in the chestnut

77-Thiem-On the layers of Issa's haiku plant

77 Wenceslas Gendai Haiku

78 Conrad magic of the image

78 fitter echoes on a haiku by Gerold Effert

78-SnyderWenzel news of the day, news of the moment

78-Wittkamp-The Japanese Haiku in German translation

79 fitter indent in empty room

79-Fitterer-To the cuckoo with the cage

79-Yuki-The New Haiku

80-81 Conrad levels of representation

80-GilbertYukiMuraseNishikawaTakai-Muki Haiku. Haiku without a season word

80-Schirmer painter haikus

80-YukiWenzel-Modern Haiku and Totalitarianism

81-Tauchner-The poetic seriousness in the playful verse

81-Thum Dream songs. About haiku and its forgotten roots

81-Wenceslas-Long shadow

82-WagnerWenzel-On tiptoe

83-bald-a haiku that concerns me

83-Takeda exuberance from excess

83 Wirth basic building blocks of Haiku I

84-Kawamoto-The concrete pictoriality of the haiku

84-Thum-On the other bank

84 Wenceslas in time. Haiku 2008

85 Conrad aesthetics of dynamics

85 Wirth basic building blocks of Haiku II

85 Wittkamp summer grasses and heather dreams

86 Conrad Apparent Editor's Aid

87 Conrad rhythm and sound

87-88-Doßler-Das Haiku as a medium of silence

87 diver haiku by Ban'ya Natsuishi

87 Wirth basic building blocks of Haiku III

87-Wirth haiku meeting

88 stone haiku as therapy

88-Tauchner Haiku by Toshio Kimura

88 Wirth basic building blocks of Haiku IV

89 roar emptiness and silence

89 Wirth basic building blocks of Haiku V

90-Benkel-a cherry tree stood in his garden

90-Cobb-Some personal thoughts on Haibun writing

90 Wirth basic building blocks Haiku VI

91-Börner-Zur Haibun discussion

91-Hartmann-The French corner

91-Tauchner-Sayumi Kamakura, sound of wings

91 Wirth Haiku, Senryu, Zappai

92-Franke-The unexplored role of the title in the Haibun

92-Franke-Zur Haibun discussion

92-Hartmann-The French corner

92-Reichold-Learn how to read a haiku

92 Wirth basic building blocks Haiku VII

93-Dinescu-The Haiku in Romania

93-Hartmann-The French corner

93-Kempen-The reverberation in the picture

93-VanRompuy-My access to haiku

93 Wirth basic building blocks Haiku VIII

94-Dinescu-in this state of happy sadness

94-Gad-The classic Japanese aesthetics and haiku

94-Hartmann-The French corner

94 Wirth basic building blocks Haiku IX

95-Hartmann-The French corner

95 Wirth basic building blocks Haiku X

96-BrefeldLauer-Haiku in conversation

96 Gad Zen Buddhism and Bashos Haiku

96-Hartmann-The French corner

96-Ludwig-Japanese haiku of the present

96 Lueken bags full of chanterelles

96 Wirth basic building blocks Haiku XI

97 Brefeld sounds of a summer haiku from Japan

97-Hartmann-The French corner

97-Miesen-growing strangeness of a familiar lyrical genre

97-Tauchner-The aesthetics of haiku

97 Wirth basic building blocks Haiku XII

98-Brefeld-wide autumn sky haiku from Japan

98-Broker-The Throu-Gaun Chiel

98-Hartmann-The French corner

98-Miesen-On the 30th anniversary of the death of Imma von Bodmershof

98 Wirth basic building blocks Haiku XIII

99-Gad-The characteristics of Zen art and the traditional haiku

99-Hartmann-The French corner

99 Brefeld silent white haiku from Japan

99-Thomas Haiku in Japan during World War II

99 Wirth basic building blocks Haiku XIV

100-Brefeld-a breeze in fresh green haiku from Japan

100-Hartmann-The French corner

100-Kempen-The four T

100-Miesen-A hint of Sabi and Wabi

100-Takeda-About the Haiku seal in Germany

100 Thomas Haiku in Japan during World War II

100 Wirth basic building blocks Haiku XV

100 Wirth punctuation, upper and lower case in haiku

101-Brefeld-The wisdom of calm and the power of slowness-Haiku from Japan

101-Hartmann-The French corner

101-Thomas Haiku in Japan during World War II-III

101-Wirth-The Haiku at the crossroads

102-Hartmann-The French corner

102-Thomas Haiku in Japan during World War II-IV

102 Wirth basic building blocks Haiku XVI

103-Brefeld- A colorful procession haiku Japan

103-Hartmann-The French corner

103 Wirth basic building blocks Haiku XVII

104-Brefeld tradition and modern haiku from Japan

104-Hartmann-The French corner

104 Wirth basic building blocks Haiku XVIII

105-Grewe-Die Haibun-Prosa-An attempt at advances

105-Hartmann-The French corner

105-Wirth-The Haiku in Europe, Part I

105 Wirth basic building blocks Haiku XIX

106-Brefeld-Das Rengay-A modern “western” chain seal

106-Hartmann-The French corner

106-Tauchner thoughts on Gendai Haiku in German

106-Wirth-The Haiku in Europe, Part II

106 Wirth basic building blocks Haiku XX

107-Hartmann-The French corner

107 Wirth basic building blocks Haiku XXI

108-Brefeld-Leave the dust of the old year-Haiku from Japan

108-Hartmann-The French corner

108-Veran-What is a haiku now?

108 Wirth basic building blocks Haiku XXII

109-Cobb-The anatomy of war haiku

109-Hartmann-The French corner

109 Krusch-Tauchner traces to modern haiku


109 Wirth basic building blocks Haiku XIII

110-Hartmann-The French corner

110 Wirth basic building blocks Haiku XXIV

111-Nickolay-The French corner

111 Wirth basic components of the Haiku

112-Gottstein-The Austrian corner

112-Nickolay-The French corner

112 Wirth basic building blocks Haiku XXV

113-Nickolay-The French corner

113 snowman haiku and internet

113 Nickolay portrait Daniel Py

114-Veran Fine Arts and Haiku Poetry

114 Wirth basic building blocks Haiku XXVI

114-Nickolay-The French corner

115 Lundt Bashô

115-Nickolay-The French corner

115 Wirth basic building blocks Haiku XXVII

115 Brefeld Tanka literature for reading I

116 Wirth basic building blocks Haiku XXVIII

116-Nickolay-The French corner

116-Brefeld-Tanka literature for reading II

117-Bacher-Hammer-ten Brink-Veran A Rilke project

117-lin approaches to the art of haiku

117-Nickolay- The French corner

117 rose coincidences

117 Wirth basic building blocks of Haiku XXIX

118-Nickolay-The French corner


118-Wirth-The result of the 17th quarterly European Haiku-Kukai (EQK)

119-Nickolay-The French corner

119 Wirth basic building blocks of the Haiku XXX

120-Fillhardt- "Haijin" - pitfalls of the art of translation

120-Nickolay-The French corner

120 Wirth basic building blocks of the Haiku XXXI

121-Nickolay-The French corner

121 Wirth basic building blocks of Haiku XXXII

122-Gad-Zen, the Wabi-Sabi aesthetics and the Haiku part 1

122-Nickolay-The French corner

122 Wirth basic building blocks of Haiku XXXlll


The haiku calendar 2024 has been published

  Over 1.700 haiku have been submitted in the past few months and 53 of them now decorate the seasons for 53 weeks in the new haiku calendar 2024. A calendar that is being published by Rotkiefer-Verlag for the first time


Haiku workshop Wiesbaden

The 11th Wiesbaden Haiku workshop led by Klaus-Dieter Wirth will take place on Sunday, October 15, 2023, from 10 a.m. to 16 p.m. We meet in Hofstr. 2, 65191


Haiku Agenda 2024

Haiku Agenda 2024 With Haiku through the year 2024. This well-thought-out annual planner from the “Deutsche Haikugesellschaft eV” offers various calendars, an overview of holidays and public holidays, as well as plenty of space for your own notes. The


Summer grass 142

with many interesting articles about Haiku & Co has appeared. A small foretaste of the content of this issue as well as information about membership or subscription is available for (still) non-members


Haiku and Tanka Picks September 2023

A total of 200 haiku from 75 authors and 57 tanka from 24 authors were submitted for this selection. The closing date for entries was July 15, 2023. These texts were edited before the selection of


The 12th Zoom Haiku Seminar with Prof. Aoki

12th Zoom Haiku Seminar with Prof. Aoki Dear haiku poets, The 12th Zoom Haiku Seminar with Prof. Makoto Aoki from the University of Ehime will take place on October 15.10.2023th, XNUMX. You are invited warmly. Time: Sun.


ahaiga Die neue Ausgabe von ahaiga ist seit dem 06.07.2023 online. Autoren/Autorinnen sind eingeladen fürs neue Quartal max. 3 Haiga einzureichen. Einsendungen bitte über die Homepage; keine Mail-Anhänge. Ich freue mich auf


Haiku International No. 159 (June 2023)

Selected Haiku translations of Haiku: a collaboration between Emiko Miyashita, Claudia Brefeld and Eva Moering »The idea and background of this project can be found here.

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