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Dear Haiga friends, dear Haiga friends,

"Haiga in focus”Has gone into the third year and looks back on a good two years, in which not only guest judges, but also special editions contributed to the diverse design ... and especially you, dear participants, with your creative submissions - like numerous confirm positive feedback! Of course, this inspires and makes you want to consider many more monthly HiF expenses.

Up to and including Monday, January 20.1.2020th, 2, up to XNUMX Haiga can be used for HiF edition 24 to be submitted.
Otherwise, as always:
contributions can be sent in until the 20th of each month. Please insert these directly into the email, because for security reasons file attachments are not opened (see also Terms and Conditions)!

I look forward to your submissions

Claudia Brefeld

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