Haiku Agenda 2022

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DHG Haiku Competition 2021 for the Haiku Agenda 2022

The 2021 haiku agenda was particularly well received!

That is why the DHG board is planning an agenda for the coming year.

Members as well as non-members are cordially invited to take part in our competition. If the required number of points is achieved, your haiku will be placed exclusively on one of the weekly sheets of the agenda. For our members who do not have a haiku on one of the weekly papers, a few pages of the agenda are reserved for the publication of one of their haiku.


The conditions of participation provide:

- Up to come  Haiku per participant, whereby each haiku a different one of the four seasons . For example, the familiar references to climate and nature, to festivals and public holidays are suitable for this.

- The haiku must be unpublished.


Deadline for all submissions to the Haiku Agenda 2022:

May 31, 2021 - keyword "Agenda 2022"

By email to:


By post to:

Petra Klingl

Wansdorfer Steig 17th

13587 Berlin




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