The 2021 haiku calendar is out

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With the new calendar for 2021 has the design concept fundamentally changed. All images are spread over the entire surface of the A4 sheet. Only 1 haiku is published per calendar sheet. As a result, the haiku moves more into the focus of literary events than in previous calendars. Or in other words: Less haiku is more haiku.

The size of the pictures, which are distributed over the entire sheet, creates an expressive power that sets the haiku in scene in a particularly memorable way. Here are three calendar sheets for viewing (enlarge by clicking), further sheets can be found in the »Online shop on Haiku24 eingesehen werden.








The calendar can be purchased up to October 27 at a subscription price of 14,90 euros, after which it costs 16,90 euros.

Further information and orders are only available online »Available on HAIKU24. 

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