Haiku/Senryû Competition of the ÖHG

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Haiku/Senryû competition
of the Austrian Haiku Society Vienna / ÖHG

All authors who write in German or English can
take part. We ask you to consider the following: present, experience/occurrence, caesura,
Excitement/surprise, no artificial language, speech rhythm and for traditional haiku:
nature, season.

To be sent by email:


Subject: COMPETITION 2022

3 self-written unpublished Haiku/Senryu on the subject "Sustainable".
We ask for the following information: first and last name, address, telephone number, short biography

1st prize 300 €, 2nd prize 200 €, 3rd prize 100 €
(ed. Nov. 2022) plus 5 free copies. The texts of the other 20 authors in the
order will also be printed and each will receive 1 specimen copy.
know Advisory Board: Univ.-Dozin Drin Hisaki Hashi.

Closing date: June 30, 2022




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