Anthology project "Favorite Haiku / Senryu"

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Dear haiku authors,

I cordially invite you to the new intern. anthology project “Favorite Haiku / Senryu” (all topics possible), which Ingo Cesaro will publish again in the NEW CRANACH PRESSE KRONACH.

The fact that we submit this tender so early is due to the request of the print shop, which is always fully occupied in July - September and we hardly ever come to the Heidelberger-Tiegel to print our bibliophile print double page for page.

Ingo Cesaro said to me about the planned anthology topic: "I am regularly approached and asked to perform a two or three favorite haiku".

It will have been the same for you. He has great problems with it and most of the time he can only think of a single haiku.

A collection of these favorite haiku / senryu should be an exciting anthology project.

We are looking for three-line short poems based on the traditional Japanese Haiku / Senryu with a total of 17 syllables in three lines and the syllable rhythm 5: 7: 5. Please send a maximum of 6 on a manuscript sheet by post with return postage. When it is printed, there is an anthology as a replacement fee.

From now until December 20, 2021 at the latest!

Free syllable rhythm is not taken into account in the anonymous selection.


The bibliophile equipment as always: hand typesetting, letterpress on elaborate printing paper, stitch binding with grain cardboard.

The rights remain with the author.

I expressly point out that neither money nor an acceptance obligation is required for printing, even if this is no longer common today.

The anthology should be ready in spring 2022.

I look forward to your submissions!

Mit freundlichen Grüßen

Gisela Gülpen
Joseph-Haydn-Sr. 4th
Sales department NEW CRANACH PRESS
96317 Kronach


Our anthology and books can also be given away for Christmas!

We can deliver at short notice!

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