Between August and October 2012, a total of 300 haiku and 18 tanka were submitted by 76 authors for this selection. The deadline for entries was October 15, 2012. Each participant could send in up to 5 haiku or tanka.

These works were anonymized by Silvia Kempen, who also took over the overall coordination, before the selection began. The jury consisted of Annette Grewe, Eve-Marie Helm and Gabriele Reinhard. The members of the selection group did not submit their own texts.

All selected works (37 haiku and 2 tanka) are listed below alphabetically by author's name - up to max. three works per author.

“A haiku / a tanka that appeals to me in particular” - under this motto, every jury member has the opportunity to choose a work (still anonymized), present it here and comment on it.


A haiku that particularly appeals to me

Selected and commented by Gabriele Reinhard:

the space

my jeans

too tight


Ralf Broker

For me, this three-liner has everything that makes a successful haiku: concreteness, haiku moment, reverberation, juxtaposition, originality, clear images and it is so short that nothing can be left out. Are you reminded of the television series "Spaceship Enterprise"? That has something humorous for me! Don't forget: "Haiku, the funny verse". What particularly affects me? The perception of your own limited growth in the face of (inf) finiteness.

Selected and commented by Annette Grewe:


about the Jacob's ladder

from the lurching ship


Hans-Jürgen Goehrung

This unobtrusive haiku reports on a shipwreck in the classic 5 - 7 - 5 syllable scheme. As sober and distant as the first line with the word “evacuation” comes across, it still conveys images of a catastrophe: howling sirens, frightened and disoriented people, helpers overwhelmed.

In the middle line, the escape route is described using the Jacob's ladder. This and the following line make it clear that it is a ship accident.

The alliteration "lurching ship" in the third line emphasizes the violent ship movements, which make it difficult for people to hold onto the simple rope ladder and climb down into the lifeboats.

In my eyes, the Jacob's ladder is the linchpin for this haiku. The ambiguity enables an extended interpretation of the text. In a dream vision (Gen 28,11:XNUMX), the biblical Jacob sees a heavenly ladder on which the angels ascend and descend. Above, at the end of the ladder, God himself stands and promises him land and offspring. Jacob realizes that God carries and accompanies him in all the ambiguities and aberrations of his life. The ladder connects heaven and earth and thus symbolizes the flowing contact between God and the believer.

Just as the Jacob ladder connects heaven and earth, in this haiku it clings the first and third lines together. The wet ropes and rungs become symbols of salvation and hope for the shipwrecked.

The selection

Felled tree -

in his bark was once

your name carved.


Johannes ancestor

a wool hat in the snow

is felting

a child is freezing somewhere


Sylvia Bacher

End of vacation -

a rest of the Baltic Sea

in the handbag


Christa Beau

Autumn evening ...

On the sleeping trees

the croak darkens.


Pure Bonack

from the hood

Snow is dusting

in our laughter


Claudia Brefeld

the space

my jeans

too tight


Ralf Broker

No more bell

in the tower of the old monastery -

Click cameras


Horst Oliver Buchholz

findings opening

the face in the window

is mine


Simone K Busch

waiting for the Christ Child

three generations

Man does not annoy you


Simone K Busch

continuous rain

the gardener clicks

from flower to flower


Bernadette Duncan

coffee scented

Filter sparrow wings

the morning light


Bernadette Duncan

Sunday morning

one paw checks

the depth of my sleep


Gerda Forester

Autumn evening.

In the Roman fountain

streams of light.


Volker Friebel

Short of his words.

The empty field in front of her -



Heike Gericke

Beginning of winter -

the moon freezes

in the horse trough


Heike Gewi

radio silence

the fisherman mends in the bay

his network again


Hans-Jürgen Goehrung

The Southern Cross -

a mattress spring

is worn out.


Hans-Jürgen Goehrung


about the Jacob's ladder

from the lurching ship


Hans-Jürgen Goehrung

This morning

Grandmother's ladle

full of snow


Birgit Heid

sculpture garden

in the cornucopia of the goddess

a spider web


Martina Heinish

already the asters

in the mild light

weigh our words


Use Jacobson

brittle singing -

on the urn

a guitar


Andrea Knoke

when awakening

the tree in the room



Gerard Krebs

sleepless night…

my mother's picture

loses contours


Eva Limbach

Autumn rain -

the blue on the palette

is getting darker.


Ramona Left

Scirocco ...

now they're cutting ocher sludge

in Roussillon


Ramona Left

From around the world…

He continues browsing

to the stock exchange part


Claudia Melchior

Fresh snow -

all data on the gravestone



Ingrid Petrasch

Syrup moon

he takes his brush

after a month of gray


Brian Robertson

Angry words

the steam hits you cold

Winter before


Brian Robertson

he throws out his fishing rod

in the reflection of the trees

the birds disappear


Brian Robertson

On the gravel path

in dialogue

our steps


Birgit Schaldach Helmlechner

Cable cut.

Nowhere is a light on

between you and me


Angelica Seithe

autumn leaves

under the old boots

no rustling


Kurt F. Svatek

In September moor -

our long shadows

streak tufts of grass


Kenji Takeda

Warm summer night -

on the street and in the house

Traffic noise.


Eckhart Wiedeman

heat wave

the candle in the grave light

the geschmolz


Klaus-Dieter Wirth

speechless at the sight

the thunderous speech

of the waterfall


Klaus-Dieter Wirth

from leaves

the green withdraws

along the river

I'm looking for the colors

of your words


Helga Stania

Clear sky today -

the magpie on the balcony

carries something in its beak.

Is it my hearing aid

that I'm desperately looking for?


Christa Wachtler

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