9th Haiku Competition 2019 of the DHG for Agenda 2020

Agenda 2020 is now available in bookstores or directly from Books on Demand, Norderstedt. Behind us are the tender in spring, the writing and sending in until the beginning of summer, the recording and evaluation and - not self-evident - the layout and publication. We have an appealing agenda ahead of us.

Here are some figures for the submitted texts:

236 texts from 85 authors were submitted for the new agenda. Just over a quarter of the submitters were not DHG members. This time, the three board members Klaus-Dieter Wirth, Horst-Oliver Buchholz and Tony Böhle were on the jury. They rated the texts I had previously anonymized and awarded up to three points for each haiku. The maximum score a haiku could have achieved would have been 9. None of the 236 haiku achieved this score. Three haiku got a remarkable 8 points. In a second round, places 1, 2 and 3 were selected for these three.


So won the first place the haiku of Eleanor Nickolay:

Winter rain -
the crooked fingers
the painter


The second rank reached the haiku of Brigitte ten Brink:

the star singers without
the black king


Third place occupied Gabi Buschman:

left house
into the tap hole of the roof beam
fly wasps.


Seven points were awarded for the haiku of the following authors (in alphabetical order):

Christa Beau, Martin Berner, Claudia Brefeld, Hildegard Dohrendorf, Susanne Effert-Hartmann, Ruth Guggenmos-Walter, Gabriele Hartmann, Claudia Melchior, Martina I. Müller, Dorothea Philipps, Theo Schmich, Brigitte ten Brink and Tobias Tiefensee. Hildegard Dohrendorf, Susanne Effert-Hartmann and Tobias Tiefensee even got two haiku each.

After this rating, Eleonore Nickolay distributed the haiku to be published on the weekly calendar. For the weeks not yet covered, she resorted to haiku from the haiku selection of SOMMERGRAS. In addition, she was responsible for the selection of the other haiku, which were submitted by our DHG members and are arranged as a bonus at the end of the agenda according to the season.   

The Cover Competition there were 14 entries for evaluation. Here too, the same number of non-DHG members took part. The same jury administered the anonymized images using the same procedure. Anna Würth's photo got the highest score. The picture shows a section of a ginkgo leaf.
Although it is a close-up (or at most an enlargement), the character of the sheet remains clearly visible. The tree is native to southwest China. Coming from Japan by sea, it found its way into Europe's stately gardens in the early 18th century. He soon became an extremely popular, jewel that can be used as a jewel. The Far Eastern exotic origin on the one hand and Goethe's late poem "Gingo biloba" (original first title) on the other hand indicate to this tree a sovereignty with which it is related to haiku in German-speaking countries. The DHG agenda of 2020 is dressed in a classic guise.

The DHG Executive Board congratulates those who have been placed on their success and wishes all Haiku friends a lot of joy in their creative work with the shortest poem form in the world.

Invitation to the zoom seminar with Prof. Makoto Aoki

10th Zoom Haiku Seminar with Prof. Aoki Sunday, February 12.02.2023th, 13 at XNUMX p.m. German time. The theme: "Tori-awase", a combination of two motifs in one haiku. The seminar will be held in German and Japanese. Everyone,


Chrysanthemum 30

CHRYSANTHEMUM RESUMES WORK IN 2023 Submissions are generally possible again. From February 1st to March 1st, authors can submit their contributions for the Spring 2023 issue. Please add the changed ones



https://www.ahaiga.ch/ Die neue Ausgabe von ahaiga ist seit dem 07.01.2023 online. Autoren/Autorinnen sind eingeladen, fürs neue Quartal max. 3 Haiga einzureichen. Einsendungen bitte über die Homepage; keine Mail-Anhänge. Ich freue mich auf


Anthology Project 2023 - "Nature Turbulence"

Anthology Project 2023 – "Nature Turbulence" INVITATION December 2022 Dear haiku authors, For the new international anthology project 2023, Ingo Cesaro is looking for Haiku and Senryu


Summer grass 139

with many interesting articles about Haiku & Co has appeared. A small foretaste of the content of this issue as well as information about membership or subscription is available for (still) non-members


Haiku and Tanka Picks December 2022

A total of 251 haiku from 89 authors and 69 tanka from 23 authors were submitted for this selection. The deadline for entries was October 15, 2022. These texts were edited before the selection of

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Haiku and tanka selection

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