Start 31 Tanka selection


Conditions of participation For the quarterly selection, up to ten Tanka may be submitted in German (also in dialect, then with a German translation). By submitting the submission, the sender declares that the submitted contribution (s) were written by themselves and that the sender is the unrestricted owner of all rights, including the ideas, texts, images, graphics etc. contained therein, that the material does not infringe any third party rights or the Contents do not violate applicable law and that the organizer should be claimed by third parties due to violation of their rights or a violation of the law through the intended use, the sender exempt the site operator and the related parties

Focus on Haiga Closing date for submissions


Conditions of participation: Each author can send up to two Haiga in German (also dialect). Haiga in other languages ​​are also welcome, then please include a German or English translation of the Haikus. No simultaneous submissions! Specialist articles, essays, interviews can also be submitted! Please send the Haiga as a jpg file of sufficient size, if possible around 500 kB or with a side length of no more than 1000 pixels. Texts of any kind not as attachments, for security reasons they are not opened! With the submission, the author / autoprin declares that the contribution is from himself / herself (or that there are corresponding usage rights for works by other artists used) and on "Haiga


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