UserFrom the publication of »SOMMERGRAS« 118, as announced in SOMMERGRAS, longer chain poems submitted to the »SOMMERGRAS« editorial team will appear on the website of the German Haiku Society for reasons of space.

It starts with a gendai-jûnicho by Claudia Brefeld and Gabriele Hartmann with the title:
"Behind glass".

A gendai-jûnicho, also called New-Jûnicho, consists of 12 verses. 6 verses are each assigned to a cultural area of ​​the topics art, film, literature, music, politics, religion. Furthermore, 2 verses are written in Gendai style: modern in structure, tone and content, as well as 4 verses in Shasei style, ie drawn by life or as Shiki demanded: a description, sketch of nature “as it is ”. The first three verses, the hokku, the wakiku and the daisan, and the last verse, the ageku, are of particular importance with regard to quality.

Regardless of the way

Dagmar Westphal and Gabriele Hartmann Notwithstanding a spring-cheese overture on the side of the path. Rain showers accompany the pilgrimage of the bank swallows wound around slender birch trunks

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Behind glass

Claudia Brefeld and Gabriele Hartmann Hinter Glas gendai-junicho (December 2015 to June 2016) Culture - 6 verses - one per

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Chrysanthemum 26

The autumn edition, Chrysanthemum No. 26, the internet magazine for forms of modern poetry in the tradition of Japanese short poetry, is now online. In addition to haiku, senryû, tanka, haiga, photo haiku, tanka pictures, haibun and tanka prose


Summer grass 126

 with many interesting articles about Haiku & Co has appeared. A small foretaste of the content of this issue as well as information about membership or subscription is available for (still) non-members


Haiku and Tanka selection March 2016

Between November 2015 and January 2016, a total of 231 haiku and 51 tanka were submitted by 88 authors for this selection. The deadline for entries was January 15, 2016. These texts were


Haiku and tanka selection

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