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"Thirty-one", November 2019

The November issue of Tanka magazine thirty-one is now online! In addition to a selection of 21 tanka, there are also numerous special contributions,


Sgt. Pepper's

Brigitte ten Brink and Gabriele Hartmann: Seargent Pepper's 13 Renhai, A6, 20 pages, handmade, bon-say-verlag, 2019. Available at: Brigitte ten Brink and Gabriele Hartmann have been through the album of


You want it darker

Brigitte ten Brink and Gabriele Hartmann: You Want It Darker 8 Renhai, A6, 12 pages, handwork, bon-say-verlag, 2019. Available at: »Click here for a review by Rüdiger Jung


Text, shape, imagination

Text, form, imagination Writing haiku in the Michael Lerche studio Michael Lerche: thanks to the initiative and perseverance of Ellen Althaus, I am very happy to welcome you to an interdisciplinary exchange of the arts in


Chrysanthemum 26

The autumn edition, Chrysanthemum No. 26, the internet magazine for forms of modern poetry in the tradition of Japanese short poetry, is now online. In addition to haiku, senryû, tanka, haiga, photo haiku, tanka pictures, haibun and tanka prose


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