2020 DHG Haiku Call for the 2021 Haiku Agenda


The handy ring binder combines the useful with the beautiful. In addition to plenty of space for notes, you accompany Haiku through the seasons from week to week. There are also other haiku from

Tender for the Haiku 2021 calendar


As part of a competition, Haiku are sought that are intended for publication in the upcoming Haiku Calendar 2021. Haiku related to the seasons are sought. It is your responsibility to choose the haiku calendar

Haiku today: start month selection


Each author can send their own texts in German as well as photo haiku (or haiga) for selection (also in dialect, if you like). Submissions of texts or files are made according to the requirements of data protection

Submission deadline for Haiga in focus


Each author can send up to two Haiga in German (also dialect). Haiga in other languages ​​are also welcome, then please include a German or English translation of the Haikus. No

Last day selection of haiku and tanka


Authors are invited to submit the quarterly magazine SOMMERGRAS Haiku and Tanka using the following online form. Membership in the DHG is not a prerequisite for this.


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