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100 short poems in Japanese forms on Sophie Scholl

Anna Göldi Museum Fabrikstrasse 9 8755 Ennenda Fabrikstrasse 9Ennenda,

Under the title Anna-Göldi-Auditorium, at least four events are planned annually, which highlight socially relevant topics. The focus of the auditorium is on violations of fundamental rights and the struggle for compliance with them. Historical as well as current examples are brought up in order to sensitize society to the fundamental importance of human rights. Since compliance with these rules is not a matter of course even today and - as the current political situation shows - it has to be fought for over and over again, the Anna Göldi Foundation makes a constructive contribution to this necessary discourse.

Recurring appointments

Haiga in Focus - monthly Haiga selection


Haiga im Focus would particularly like to promote the German-speaking Haiga - expressionistic, experimental, but also traditional works are welcome! Each author can send in up to two Haiga in German (also dialect). Haiga in other languages ​​are also welcome, please enclose a German or English translation of the haiku. Submission deadline: the 20th of each month Haiga selection: then at the beginning of the following month

Editorial deadline for SUMMER GRASS

Petra Klingl Sommergras Post editor Wansdorfer Steig 17 Berlin,

On the 20th of each month, six weeks before the quarterly publication (March, June, September, December) of the DHG magazine SOMMERGRAS, the editorial deadline for the issue appearing six weeks later.

Haiku today: start month selection


Each author can send their own texts in German as well as photo haiku (or haiga) for selection (also in dialect, if you like). Submissions of texts or files are only accepted according to data protection requirements using the form below. Submissions and publications of contributions do not cost anything, but there is no entitlement to fees. Photo Haiku (or Haiga) please as image or as PDF files. A size between 200 and 500 kB is usually advisable. Larger or smaller pictures are not judged worse. Please make sure to put your name in the picture if possible! Contributions can be sent in continuously. A selection of the haiku that are in the

Information on the current DHG Haiku and Tanka selection


A selection of submitted haiku and tanka appears in each issue of Sommergras magazine. Participation is not limited to members of the DHG. Each author can send in up to 6 of their own submissions - Haiku (max. 3) and Tanka (max. 3) in German (also in other languages, then with a German translation). Click here for the form and the current deadline for the coming deadline.


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