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In June 1988 the number 1 of the quarterly publication of the newly founded Deutsche Haiku-Gesellschaft e. V. It contains a report by the chairwoman Margret Buerschaper (until 2003) about the first general meeting and an article that answers the question of how the DHG came about.

Up until October 2005, the title and presentation remained largely the same. Then the board of directors decides to give the magazine a new name. Henceforth the magazine is called SUMMER GRASS. The new name also marks a new era, shaped by developments on the Internet, new trends in German-speaking and international areas are included in the reporting in SOMMERGRAS. The magazine is becoming larger and more colorful. It is the figurehead of the DHG and for many members it is one of the main reasons for staying with the DHG.

The focus is always on the haiku, even if more and more related forms find their way into the reporting. A keyword search in the search field below brings up the articles on Tanka, Haiga, Haibun, Kettendichtung & Co. Three categories with long-term effects and many related valuable articles are available as a finished link below.

A big thank you goes to the founding member and long-time treasurer of the DHG Georges Hartmann. With the diligence of an ant, he meticulously digitally documented this flood of articles. Only his notes made it possible to make over 1000 articles available at this point. There are currently 682 items from number 60 - (currently) 128. The remaining numbers (1-59) and the associated texts will then be added over the course of the year.

The exciting thing about this article is its liveliness and still its topicality in the context of dealing with haiku. In this sense: The treasure chest is open.

Hamburg in March 2020

Stefan Wolfschuetz

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