Submissions for Albatross Vol. 35

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The 30 years of haiku at Constantza and Romania
Albatross Vol. 35


Dear friend,

our best collaborators, or only haiku poets, we can wait of you for this anniversaire number 35, haiku, senryu, haibun, haiku sequence, renku, haiga, cronics, essays about japanese lyrics, in English or france on 12 time new roman. I can send you a copy on paper or on PDF.
Please tell the others.

I can wait until 1 July 2022
Thanks to all of you, I hope you are in good health! Me too.
We intend to publish it, after 15 September.

Laura Vaceanu, president and editor of Albatross

Constantza Haiku Society


Alexandru Pătrulescu, vice president, and secretary-redactor of Albatross
Nastasia Panica, secretary, and editor of Albatross
Elena Stanescu, cenzor
Argentina Stanciu, member
Eugenia Enea English translator, of Albatross


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