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Haiku International Association (HIA)

[Founded in 1989, it has been based in Tokyo since then. The magazine HI (Haiku International) appears quarterly. It has been online since 2002. HIA President is currently Akito Arima.]“The Haiku International Association was founded in December 1989 to respond to the worldwide popularity of haiku and to promote friendship and exchange with haiku lovers abroad. Since then, our association has continued its activities and focused on introducing the haiku culture, exchanging ideas with international companies and publishing a magazine. ”

I would like to take these words from Akito Arima as an opportunity to focus on our longstanding membership in the HIA as the German Haiku Society.

For a long time there has been a regular exchange of the magazines HI and SOMMERGRAS (Japanese: Natsukusa) instead and only the language barrier has so far prevented the content from being read and understood without problems.

During a conversation at the DHG meeting in Traben-Trarbach (2019), Emiko Miyashita (Board member of the Haiku International Association) and me the idea and the concept of regularly translating selected haiku from the magazines into the other language and presenting it on the corresponding website.

The beginning was made: In mid-June, translated Haiku from SUMMER GRASS 125 by Emiko Miyashita was published on the HIA website. The haiku, previously translated into English by me, was translated into Japanese by Emiko Miyashita. Martin Thomas then put the authors' names in katakana characters:

In the meantime, the first issues with selected haiku from the HI booklets are also on our website!

Claudia Brefeld

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