Haiku-International No. 147 (May 2020)

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Selected haiku

Haiku translations: a collaboration between Emiko Miyashita, Claudia Brefeld and Eva Moering

"Here the idea and background of this project can be found.

Selection and commentary by Yasuhiro Ohwa, HIA director

生 け る も の み な 無力 な る 野 分 か な

Living things / all helpless / towards the typhoon

チ ョ ウ コ ビ ー ン (熱 海) BEEN Choko

All living things have in common that they are helplessly exposed to nature, as is found here in Haiku. The “living being” in haiku is in a way not used as an abstract term, it rather reminds of every single living being, such as B. Plants that grow in the typhoon-infested land and insects. In this way, we grasp the power of nature and the weakness of small creatures in a concrete way. The seasonal word nowaki * is used well here.

* nowaki originally meant strong wind that blows in autumn, but is now also used for typhoons.

人間 共 は マ ス ク / 鳥 た ち は 太陽 に 溶 け 込 む / 二 つ の 世界

People behind masks / birds merge with the sun / two worlds

ス ト パ ー ル , ル デ イ (ス ロ ベ ニ ア) STOPAR, Rudi (SLOVENIA)

Looking at today's news, the mask here symbolizes the human world suffering from the new corona virus. In contrast, the birds live free and flooded with brightness. There are two different worlds side by side. This contrast could be transferred to other areas. Although somewhat theoretical, the sun and the mask are strong enough to make us aware of our attitude to the real world.

鰯 雲天 に 潮 騒 あ る ご と く

The mackerel sky ... / the sound of the sea / from the sky

大 高 霧海 (東京) OHTAKA Mukai

The mackerel sky reminds us of the sea surface. It's not just the visual resemblance, the writer can also feel the sound and movement. The fine sense of the author, who conjures up the mackerel sky with movement and unheard sound, brings the described natural scene to life.

海 を 見 る 夫 の 背 に あ る 秋思 か な

staring at the sea / recognizable in the back of my husband / melancholy of autumn

) 弘紀子 (福岡) SUKEHIRO Noriko

The author feels the melancholy of autumn behind her husband. He was strong and reliable, but now he shows loneliness and weakness. The author perceives the unusual impression of her husband, who looks out to sea. His melancholy, on the other hand, could be a kind of hope, since the great sea offers both longing and hope.

月 一 つ 末 枯 の 野 に あ る ば か り

Over / the withering field ... / only the moon alone

AN 川邦 彦 (三重) YANAGAWA Kunihiko

In late autumn, the wild plants withered and butterflies or dragonflies disappear. Without expressing it directly, the author says the moon is there alone. In saying this, the loneliness of the withered field is felt strongly and the loneliness of the moon becomes clear. When creating haiku, it is important to highlight various objects and also to indicate them.

And here are five more haiku - selected by Emiko Miyashita

と う さ ん を 待 つ ふ ら こ こ を 漕 ぎ な が ら

tôsan o matsu furakoko o koginagara

Waiting for dad
swing back and forth
on a swing

AT 邉 美奈子 (神奈川) WATANABE Minako (Kanagawa)

furakoko - swing, swing: spring kigo

遠 き よ り 土 筆 み つ け し 手 が 招 く

toki yori tsukushi mitsukeshi te ga maneku

from far
the hand that found a horsetail
invites me

) 吉 ミ ナ (東京) SUMIYOSHI Mina (Tokyo)

tsukushi - horsetail: spring kigo

椎 の 実 の 沈 む 手 水 を 掬 ひ け り

shii no mi no shizumu chôzu o sukui keri

get water
from a pool. . . .
sunken acorns

ADA と し 子 (東京) WADA Toshiko (Tokyo)

彫 り 了 へ て 白湯 を 甘 し と 夜半 の 秋

horioete sayu o amashi to yowa no aki

The sculpture is complete
simple hot water is sweet. . .
autumn at midnight

IZ 田博子 (広 島) MIZUTA Hiroko (Hiroshima)

や や 寒 の ス マ ホ に 触 れ て 明 け に け り

yayasamu no sumaho ni furete ake ni keri

A slight shiver
I wipe the smartphone display
dawn is coming

) 宮 麻由 子 (東京) SANNOMIYA Mayuko (Tokyo)

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