Haiku International No. 151 (June 2021)

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Selected haiku

Haiku translations: a collaboration between Emiko Miyashita, Claudia Brefeld and Eva Moering

"Here the idea and background of this project can be found.



Selection and commentary by Takashi Hoshino,
HIA director

数 え 日 の 菓子 折 り の 虎 走 り た る

a tiger runs
on wrapping paper
- at the end of the year

毬 矢 ま り え (東京) MARIYA Marie

The author refers exactly to the wrapping paper from the Toraya patisserie. I am surprised that she talks about the packaging and not the confectionery contents. The haiku is extraordinary in that it captures a moment in the time when the year is almost over. So we can participate in the feeling of flowing time.

時 が 速 く 過 ぎ て も / 希望 は 遠 い ま ま / 窓 の 月

Even if time goes by quickly
the wishes are still so distant -
the moon in the window frame

モ ル タ ザ フ ィ ・ ミ ラ ニ , モ セ ン (イ ラ ン) MORTAZAVI MILANI S. Mohsen (IRAN)

“Snow, moon, flower” are the most important of the seasons.

The moon mentioned in this haiku is in the window. We feel relieved by the location of the moon. Because the content is almost desperation, but the season word used here saves us.

大秋 晴雲 一朶 な き 空 無限

Autumnal clarity
a cloudless sky
limitless space

大 高 霧海 (東京) OHTAKA Mukai

The scenery of the clear autumn sky was well summarized and organized in 17 syllables / moras. We especially feel the magnitude of the beautiful autumn weather in the last 5 syllables / moras. There is no unnecessary word and the omissions are effective.

吊橋 の 揺 れ 山 紅葉 谷 紅葉

swinging suspension bridge -
Autumn colors in the mountains
and in the valleys

佳 田 翡翠 (船 橋) YOSHIDA Hisui

A good rhythmic haiku that touches the heart directly. The reader can participate in the world of haiku and feel the reality. The fact that mountains and valleys appear to alternate in the haiku is what makes the haiku so successful.

ウ ォ ー キ ン グ コ ー ス 小春 の 歩 を 伸 ば す

on a walk
my steps increase
mild winter day


原田 静 子 HARADA Shizuko

It would be interesting to compare this haiku in katakana with international haiku in English and other languages. Dispensing with the 5-7-5 frame makes up the energy of this haiku and turns the haiku into a fun haiku.


And here are five more haiku - selected by Emiko Miyashita

野外 結婚 式 リ ス が 真似 を す る 誓 い の 言葉

Outdoor wedding
mimicking a squirrel
the yes word

モ ン ト リ ー ス 、 マ イ ク (カ ナ ダ) MONTREUIL Mike (Canada)

木 洩 れ 日 に 濡 れ つ つ 秋 の 蝶 と な る

Sunlight falling through the trees
an autumn butterfly
is born

介 弘 浩 司 SUKEHIRO Hiroshi

黄 落 や ド イ ツ 語 で 聴 く ビ ー ト ル ズ

a yellow leaf falls -
i hear the beatles
auf Deutsch

鈴木 帰 心 SUZUKI Kishin

桜 咲 く わ れ 百 歳 の 誕生 日

Cherry blossoms
exactly on the day of my birth
one hundred years old

船 矢 深雪 FUNAYA Miyuki

雪 掻 き や 女 ば か り の 両 隣 り

Snow removal
only women live
in the immediate vicinity

黒 崎 舞 句 KUROSAKI Mike

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