Haiku Prize 2020

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Haiku Prize 2020 from Haiku today

Haiku today announces a haiku award for the second year.

Modalities: Participation is free. From now until July 31.07.2020, 30.09.2020, each author can submit up to two of their own haiku in German that have not yet become public. These should not be published anywhere until September 17, XNUMX, the completion of the selection. The subject of the texts is free. A haiku should consist of no more than three lines and possibly no more than XNUMX syllables. The haiku can only be submitted online using the form provided for the haiku price www.haiku-heute.de/haiku-preis/ be submitted. If they do not come from the submitting person, the submitter must first have obtained the author's permission and confirm this in the form. If a person submits more than two haiku, only the last two submitted will be considered.

Right: The rights to all haiku remain with their authors. For selected Haiku, Haiku today uses the non-exclusive publication rights of Haiku and the author's name for its pages, for a report on the Haiku Prize, which can also appear or be republished in other places and in other media, as well as for the Haiku Yearbook . The authors of selected haiku can continue to use their texts freely after publication of the result.

Selection of haiku: A jury will determine the first three places and may also select additional haiku. All Haiku authors are addressed for participation in this jury, of whom at least three Haiku were selected in the last three editions of the Haiku yearbook (these are the yearbooks 2019, 2018, 2017). All members of the jury are welcome to submit their own texts, but are not allowed to rate them.

Profit: The best placed receive certificates of their performance. There is no material gain.

Coordination: The submitted haiku is collected by Volker Friebel, who does not submit a haiku himself and is not involved in the jury.

Dedication: The Haiku Prize provides an opportunity to draw special attention to one person in the Haiku poetry each year. In 2020 the Haiku Prize is dedicated to Imma von Bodmershof (1895-1982). An article by Conrad Miesen about her biography and her merits around haiku was published in summer grass 2012 in 98 and is freely available on the Internet here: haiku.de/files_doc/98-Miesen.pdf

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