From November 2014 to January 2015, a total of 334 haiku and 12 tanka were submitted by 80 authors for this selection. The deadline for entries was January 15, 2015. Each participant could send in up to 5 haiku or tanka.

These texts were anonymized by me before the selection began. The jury consisted of Elisabeth Kleineheismann, Eva Limbach and Boris Semrow. The members of the selection group did not submit their own texts. All selected texts (36 haiku and 1 tanka) are listed alphabetically by author's name - up to max. three works per author.

“A haiku / a tanka that particularly appeals to me” - under this motto, each jury member has the opportunity to choose one or up to three texts (still anonymized), present them here and comment on them.

The next deadline for the Haiku / Tanka selection

is April 15th, 2015.

Only so far unreleased Works are submitted. No simultaneous submissions. Please send the submissions in the mail body, no attached files.

Please send to:

Since the jury should consist of changing participants, I would like to cordially invite all interested DHG members to participate as a jury member in upcoming selection rounds. It's fun and you learn a lot.

Petra Klingl


A haiku that particularly appeals to me

found again

under brown leaves

Karo King


Angelica Seithe

Oh, there he is, the diamond king!

He was missing in the card game all winter. No one in the family had seen him, no one in the house found him. But if a card game is not complete, you cannot play with it, not really. And in the winter the evenings are so long that people often play and like to play, Mau-Mau, fifty-one dead, skat and what else is possible, even magic tricks are sometimes performed in the family.

Now the new year has come into the day, old leaves are still in the garden, some have been pushed into small piles in winter. It's time to go out into the garden and do some exercise. The weather is mild, the rake is ready, let's go. The brown leaves have to go before the first crocuses sprout.

Oh, there he is, the diamond king!

All winter ... like this

Back to the haiku: "found again", the introduction is already exciting, "under brown leaves" shows the relation to the season and then in the third line the surprise, the "diamond king". This opens up new things. Probably spring. Herz-Jack or Herz-König would have been nice too, or even Herz-Dame (?).

For me a very well done haiku that gives me a lot of joy.


At the very end the question arises: What does the king look like after lying under the brown leaves for so long? I'm looking forward to another haiku.

Selected and commented by Elisabeth Kleineheismann

Tea Ceremony

Your hands -



Eleanor Nickolay

Four words, twelve syllables, spread over three verses: first five, then four, then three. Centered one below the other, the verses taper downwards and form the image of a vessel, a bowl, as it would probably be served in one

Tea Ceremony

Your hands -


The haiku begins with the tea ceremony and awakens a carefully designed process: the garden, the welcome, cleaning, the tea house. The haiku ends with porcelain, from which the dishes used in the ceremony may be made. In between: her hands.

Her hands point to a female counterpart, a female figure that brings the link between tea ceremony and porcelain to life. Nevertheless, the haiku does without acting and descriptive elements. It contains neither a verb nor an adjective, and that is precisely why it allows a high degree of association.

Your hands - are they gently touching the fragile porcelain? And are their hands as delicate and precious as the fabric they touch? The dash - in this case a variable, a space that the reader can fill in himself.

Selected and commented on by Boris Semrow

familiar country

I introduce myself

against the wind


Klemens Antusch

This haiku captivated me the first time I read it. Here, a situation is described with eight words, which probably creates different associations for every reader. The familiar country took me straight to my childhood. The second line builds tension and then the change comes into play with the wind. Whether good or bad remains open. We only read that the writer opposes her.

Many questions, many thoughts remain ...

This haiku will keep me busy for a while.

Selected and commented by Eva Limbach


The selection

New Year's Eve,

the star of betlehem

ducks away.


Johannes ancestor

snow cold night

between us

an almost forgotten sound


Klemens Antusch

familiar country

I introduce myself

against the wind


Klemens Antusch

balcony jewelry

in a Christmas ball

Moonlight Splitter


Christa Beau

Goose bumps…

I feel every note

of the pianist


Christa Beau

Open the window

rustling in the brook

yesterday's snow


Pure Bonack

melting ice

we both with the boots

in the moon sky


Claudia Brefeld

january fog on your forehead my kiss


Ralf Broker


one footprint only



Horst Oliver Buchholz

The calm of the stone

the sinking into the water



Horst Oliver Buchholz

morning meditation

in the yoga house

the sparrows rage


Simone K. Busch

Ravens -

the long shadows

of winter


Gerda Forester


in the moonlight

my garden …


Gerda Forester

New Year's Day

the ice is thawed

between us


Heike Gericke

Opening a will ...

from the fir trees

snow is falling


Heike Gericke

First snow

the new sound

the silent one


Hans-Jürgen Goehrung


between us

grow shadows


Hans-Jürgen Goehrung

Late sunlight

The outline of the ruin

gets bigger and bigger


Hans-Jürgen Goehrung

Mediterranean surf

Sinking in the Milky Way

a falling star


Claudius Gottstein

round table

Two talks

cross each other


Claudius Gottstein

a silhouette -

an der Wand



Ruth Guggenmos-Walter

In the mirror

now after mother’s death -

her likeness


Erika Hanning

Night sky -

on the flock of sheep

moon traces


Erika Hanning


the missing color

in her eyes


Gabriele Hartman

Fog streaks into strips

over the river

only the ferryman and me.


Ramona Left

Morning moon -

the weathered face

of the cemetery angel


Ramona Left

Snow -

the forest invents itself



Eleanor Nickolay


Mother refused

das Essen


Eleanor Nickolay

Tea Ceremony

Your hands -



Eleanor Nickolay

Frosty Monday.

The loser's smile

on the election poster.


Wolfgang Roedig

found again

under brown leaves

Karo King


Angelica Seithe

Mosquito attack

in the Ikkyuji Temple -

me in fighting stance.


Kenji Takeda

Storm and rain

what I wanted to do today



Brigitte ten Brink

the old cards


my grandchild


Brigitte ten Brink

The stranger smiles

to me in passing

New Year's prognosis.


Angela Hilde Timm

between facade graffiti

the empty window

filled with AC / DC


Elisabeth Weber Strobel

Engrossed in conversation,

and how the landscape has a say

with many voices,

long into the linden night

the wind whispers wonderfully


Beate Conrad


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